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voltwomen bootcamp 

In 2017 we were connected to a group of young influencers in Paris - for most this was their first experience with running. We were there to infuse the Voltmomen conversation and help form a deeper connection with running, as well as a deeper connection in the group who were going to train together for a year. We made two sessions where we had the chance to talk, but also just participated and observed through participation - this meant the conversation was relatable as we used examples and themes from the days. Participatory observation made it really clear that the young women really wanted meaning in what they did, and the insight travelled in the organisation, so rather than the goal of connecting the women, insights made the connection to the brand more meaningful.

PROJECT NAME: Bootcamp France

GOAL: Create a deep connection with running


  • - Bring the voice of Voltwomen to Paris
  • - Motivate beyond the clichés
  • - Spark deeper connection to running through conversations
  • - Strategy
  • - Creative Direction 
  • - Managament of team

photos: crew

february 2019