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AdizoneRunzine photoseries with Axel Vang by Rene Grincourt

This photoseries was a part of the production for the Adidas Adizone Runzine ‘fanzine’. As a part of the production of the fanzine, I was asked to include an Adidas elite athlete. For this I picked the rising star, Axel Vang, only 20 years old and full of ambition and skill. 

The goal was to create a portrait that is almost never done of elite atheltes and see something else than his sport. For this I booked my friend and talented Rene Grincourt who created the perfect day in life of Axel Vang. 

The campaign was shot in Copenhagen in August 2023. 

Talent: Axel Vang
Photographer: Rene Grincourt
Production and creative: Julie Hyld 

photos: Rene Grincourt
Creative direction: Julie Hyld

August 2023