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This project took place way back in January, when I helped Soulland find two runners to do a spontaneous marathon, for a campaign film to celebrate the collaboration between Soulland and Lining.

Named PRE-INTER-POST, Before-During-After in Latin, the collaboration reflects on the emotions, energy and philosophy on running. This third drop emphasizes on INTER — the high pace energetic part of running.

Its with so much pleasure, that brands like Soulland asks for help to locate actual runners that fits their vision, because as a runner, nothing is more dreadful than a running campaign with people that can’t run. Thank you for including me and for bridging the gap with expertise, and for the runners to complete a random marathon on a random day.

Idea & concept: @soulland
Director: @nahmnahm
Photographer: @mathiasnyholm
Edit: @buhl__shit
Running consultant: me
Runners: @mthabang @sophieklarskov

photos: Nikolaj Møller / nahmnahm 

January 2023