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Salomon Running - South Coast Ultra

As a part of my long term agreement with Salomon, I create small trail running experiences for Copenhagen based runners, to be a part of. Sometimes we head to the forest on our own, just as a small community gathering – othertimes, I am more lucky and we are able to be a part of a bigger race with new products. 

For this race, we went to the National Park at Møn, to activate the Pulsar Trail Pro.
I invited 15 people to join the race, where we took the first, second and third price in 15 km, for men & women. Møn is located just off the south-eastern tip of Zealand.

In 2017 UNESCO designated Møn as Denmark’s first biosphere reserve, consisting of “a series of islands and islets in the southern Baltic Sea.

Afterwards we had coffee from Prolog. 

Concept & idea: Me
Client: Salomon Running
Photos: Jon Hjelholt

photos: Jon Hjelholt