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Salomon Running - Hammer Trail 2023

For the second year I helped organize a trip to Bornholm, for the most challenging trail race in Denmark. As summer is emerging and everything around us is slowly about to blossom, trail running is really one of those sports, where you get to experience how we are just a part of somethig big. 

For the weekend, an amount of 15 (asphalt) runners suited up in all Salomon and raced the Hammer Trail on Bornholm. A strong community was built, because you dont find anything like the trails in other sports - here you really suffer, and through the suffering together, you get an even stronger connection. 

This year we stepped up a bit, added a private chef, who also coordinated food for everyone that was in season and sustainable.

Concept & idea: Me
Client: Salomon Running
Images: Jon Hjelholt


photos: Jon Hjelholt
Creative direction: Julie Hyld

May 2023