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Salomon Running - Hammer Trail 2022

There is something grand about doing trails, as you run you get to experience how majestic our nature is, and how we are only a small element in an enormous ecosystem. Here you can’t force a way forward, you have to accept the conditions, and become a part of the trails and the infrastructure created by years of growth. You have to become one with the wild, and you experience how technical and breathtaking it is, for several reasons, and how much the seasons and weather influence what is possible.

As summer is emerging and everything around us is slowly about to blossom, we took a group of people to the island Bornholm, to experience new paths and ways of doing their sports in new conditions and movements.

For Salomon I arranged for a smaller running community to be a part of the HAMMER TRAIL race, a Salomon sponsored race.

For the weekend, an amount of 15 (asphalt) runners suited up in all Salomon and raced the Hammer Trail on Bornholm. We took the entire podium of 17k womens, a male 17k second place and lastly one woman to become the National Trail Runner of 30k Womens in 3rd place.

Concept & idea: Me
Client: Salomon Running
Images: Me


photos: Julie Hyld
Creative direction: Julie Hyld

May 2022