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Röhnisch - Sweat Like a Woman event 

The background to this initiative took place in Röhnisch customer service. One of the most common questions they stumbled upon was whether sweat is visible on their garments, and what type of colors they would recommend that are sweatproof.

So they asked themselves, why is there a stigma around sweating when doing a physical exercise? The questions were often regarded around certain parts of the body, the groin, the boobs, lower back and neck. And do keep in mind, most women in their survey experience that it’s more entitled for males to show off their sweat at the gym.

As a part the launch of this campaign, we also introduced the brand to the danish atheltes by hosting a “Sweat like a woman” event. The event was hosted by Sara Jin Smidt in her new studio The Health Hub. 
After an hour of hard work and sweat, we enjoyed fresh juice, buns, coffee and croissants. 

PROJECT NAME: Sweat Like a Woman

GOAL: Event 

  • - Sports Brand Consultant
  • - Finding talents 
  • - Invitation
  • - Photography
  • - Project management

photos: Me

March 2023