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Röhnisch - Sweat Like a Woman event 

For this event for Röhnisch ongoing campaign ”Sweat Like a Woman”, we focused on boxing training with JoJo Strength Studio by Josephine Jein.
Ten women were invited to learn boxing and have great morning before work, all dressed in Röhnisch and ready to concour the world.

As the training event progressed, the women showcased their newfound skills and confidence during friendly sparring matches and simulated bouts.

The success of this boxing training event serves as a testament to the transformative power of sports in empowering women.

After an hour of hard work and sweat, we enjoyed fresh juice, buns and croissants. 

PROJECT NAME: Sweat Like a Woman

GOAL: Event 

  • - Sports Brand Consultant
  • - Finding talents 
  • - Invitation
  • - Photography
  • - Project management

photos: Me

March 2023