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Nike Sock Racer - Campaign

To celebrate the launch of the new Nike Air Sock Racer Ultra Flyknit, where Nike brings the innovations of the original shoe into the present. Using Nike Flyknit for the first time, yet still having the original buckle closures with slightly thicker. PC suggested a photoshoot using local influencers to elevate the shoe. Completing the circle of story telling by using press releases, seeding and story telling.

Little over a week before the launch of the shoe, PC was provided with a press release, PDP images and campaign images to inform digital and midlead press about the shoe. PC focused much on the story telling of the relaunch of the shoe, and followed up with all press.

The week after, a photo session using “Smoke ’Em” as the overall theme took place curated by PC. We focused on quirky and weird expressions and types since the shoe is/was very weird – and wanted to generate more audience with the young subcultural environment. The photos was to be published socially in connection to the launch in Denmark. Images was also pitched on the launch date to relevant media as well as spread via the influencers own social channels. Additionally we seeded approx 15 pairs of shoes on the day of the launch.


GOAL: Storrytelling of Nike Sock Racer 

  • - Sports Brand Consultant
  • - Creative Direction 
  • - Location Scouting
  • - Negotiate and sign
  • - Brand Storytelling
  • - Idea Generation 


May 2017