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Lily in Copenhagen

As Lily Collins tackles the many nuances of French culture (to varying degrees of success) on our screens in Netflix Emily in Paris, our latest digital cover story reveals that her heart truly lies in Scandinavia. Well, Denmark, to be specific. Here, Collins joins Emil Glaser, head of Juno Bakery in Copenhagen, to learn the ropes of becoming a true Dane – hygge and all.

The best place for anyone to start their Danish cultural education? A cosy bakery in Copenhagen, of course. A crash course in Denmark's key phrases, arguably nonsensical counting system and ubiquitous cycling culture is not complete without a side of rødgrød med fløde, et jordbær, et hindbær and et brombær, and most importantly, en kaffe med havremælk.

Directed by: Ditlev Rosing
Talent: Lily Collins and Emil Glaser
Stylist: Marie Heyman
Makeup Artist: Morten Kongsbak
Focus Puller: Ida Gabriella
Gaffer: Valentin Christensen
Sound: Toke Gelardi
Producer: Julie Hyld
Special thanks to: Juno Bakery in Copenhagen