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Filippa K Soft Sport campaign 

“I think when you are raised doing sports, it becomes part of who you are. Sometimes when I feel off, I figure it’s because I haven’t moved or sweated for a while. I’m boxing and running on a weekly basis, and then I do yoga here and there. I wish I was more consistent about yoga, since I really believe it’s good for me, but it challenges my patience.”

We spend half of our lives in the winter, were the days are short and the time for being active and have fun outside is compromised by time. When summer is finally knocking on our door, we are urging to be outside, live life and enjoy the sunlight. That joy of being able to live life to the fullest and being able to move as the days are longer, is what we are capturing in this campaign for Filippa K Soft Sport; long summer nights, joy and soft light. 

Furthermore, its a portrait of Ulrikke, and her transition from being a high fashion model, to a model who is grown up and don’t want to compromise on her health and well-being. She is a true inspiration as she is battling the industry with a healthy mindset, where she is allowed to excercise and have a normal body.  

photos: Ditlev Rosing
Creative direction: Julie Hyld

May 2021