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Nike Breaking2

In March 2017, Nike announced that they would try to make the impossible possible, and get 3 runners below 2 hours on a marathon (21km/h). On 6 May 2017, three runners attempted to break the two-hour marathon barrier. Eliud Kipchoge ran the fastest marathon in history at 2 hours and 25 seconds. 

How do you measure someone's potential to do something that no one has ever done before? Bringing together the brightest minds in physiology, running and athletic performance, Nike started this project that developed in waves of revealings - from idea, runners, science, background, attempt, product, and local events. At the foremost edges of human performance, there is a need for innovation, that fuels the expansion of human possibility. In short the communication could be divided like the following: revealing the idea, then the runners (background, portrait, etc), the science team, the product, the place for event, secure media for event, pre-event detail, reveal collaboration with Nike x National Geographic, keep pushing product, local event for screening of movie.

PROJECT NAME: #Breaking2

GOAL: The goal was the elevate the event to all runners, inspire them and push the products and science their way. Locally we had a journalist at the event, which turned out to be 4 pages in one of the biggest news supplements, following we had the local movie-event in Copenhagen engaging local runners, media partners and Nike fans, here we secured a lot of social media as well as 2 full spreads in the biggest news paper.

The overall coverage from the first press releases to the event in Copenhagen:  27.609.635

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May 2017