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My biggest project yet as a freelancer, because this was my dream that came to live. I’ve always dreamt of making a magazine for runners, about running without having routes, paces, training plans and interviews, but have inspiration, feelings, thoughts and essays. The launch took place in the new Distance Store and of course included a race. 

Adizonerunzine is a fanzine dedicated to celebrating the culture of running. It was born out of a profound appreciation for the power of movement and sports, featuring individuals who constantly push their limits while seamlessly blending running with aesthetics.With an offset in the original concept of fanzine, the inaugural adizonerunzine is a tangible embodiment of running culture, showcasing inspirational characters in the world of sports and art.

Running has always been a profound source of inspiration for me. It demands discipline, but there is also something very free and pure about the movement and float of the body. This printed fanzine serves as a revisit to and an exploration of the poetry inherent in motion, as well as the challenges faced by runners. It represents a harmonious fusion of skill, excellence, and aesthetics.

Within these pages, you will find a poetic contribution by Victor Boy Lindholm delving into the essence of being both human and a runner. Simon Birk's evocative photo essays capture the essence of runners at the Copenhagen Marathon. Jon Hjelholt shares a personal reflection on the runner's journey while also contributing with images of Christopher. A series dedicated to Axel Vang, a promising adidas athlete, offers insights into his aspirations, captured by photographer Rene Grincourt and finally, we take a closer look at Christopher, my dear friend, who excels as a runner in NBRO running, while also balancing the roles of a doctor, husband, and father. To combine it all, Gustav Brint has been the layouter and connected every single story and dot to a chaotic harmony.

Every contributor to this fanzine shares a profound connection to the world of sports


THANK YOU: Gustav Wiese, Jon Hjelholt, Victor Boy, Simon Birk, Rene Grincourt, Distance, Addias. 

September 2023