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25/75 - More than a marathon

For Paris Marathon, we were asked to bring more awareness to the women running the marathon. A choking difference of 25% women and 75% men, made the logo, with the hope of changing the future. We gathered a group of girls from different countries, that all had to jump into the challenge of running a marathon within 1,5 months. The project ended up with a Nike Running Instagram story highlight produced by a team in Paris and Portland. Voltwomen was in charge of the overall message and look.

PROJECT NAME: Paris 25/75

GOAL: Bring awareness to women’s marathon running

  • - Bring the voice of Voltwomen to Paris marathon.
  • - Find women in our network willing to run a marathon three weeks after
  • - Set the tone with a manuscript and identity for the Voltwomen engagement.
  • - Creative direction of movie and images
  • - Invite and secure members
  • - Negotiate with photographer
  • - Strategy 

photos: @hlenie

April 2019